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1 楊鎮宇 支援多重串流連線移轉機制的內容感知需求分配之叢集式網頁伺服器 Supporting Multi-handoff Mechanism for Streaming Service in a Web Cluster with Content-Aware Request Distribution 姜美玲 Mei-Ling Chiang
2 葉于辰 提升LyraOS 通信協定軟體的記憶體使用效率 之研究與實作 Improving the Memory Utilization of Communication Stack in LyraOS Operating System 姜美玲 Mei-Ling Chiang
3 廖晏榆 可處理負值的模糊資料包絡分析模式 Fuzzy data envelopment analysis model with negative value 余菁蓉 Yu, Jingrung
4 羅文隆 利用啟發式演算法設計不規則形狀物料的切割系統 Applying heuristics algorithm to design a cutting stock system for arbitrary shape objects 游子宜 Yu, Tzu-Yi
5 黃敬堯 改良式ePortfolios的實作-整合RFID及傳統 Learning Management System(LMS) An Implementation of enhanced ePortflios system - by integrating RFIDs and conventional Learning Management System(LMS) 簡宏宇 Chien,Hung-Yu
6 洪鈺梅 數據特徵選取結合適應性增強演算法於學生數學與科學成就之預測 Adaboost with ReliefF in predicting students’ mathematics and science achievement 白炳豐 Ping-Feng Pai
7 張維元 考慮多準則的模糊投資組合重新調整模型 Fuzzy portfolio rebalancing model with multiple criteria 余菁蓉 Yu, Jing-Rung
8 許智豪 建構醫療影像電子化平台 The Construction of a novel e-platform for electronic medical images 游子宜 Yu, TzuYi
9 莊仁翔 結合決策樹與粗略集合論於分析學習行為、學習動機與閱讀素養之關係-以PIRLS2006為例 Analyzing Learning Behaviors, Learning Motivation and Reading Achievement by Decision Tree with Rough Set Theory – A Case Study of PIRLS2006 白炳豐 教授 Dr. Ping-Feng Pai
10 董又維 創新擴散模式之比較-以DRAM產業為例 Comparsion of Innovation Diffusion Models : A Case Study on the DRAM Industry 余菁蓉 Yu, Jingrung
11 謝英琳 以約略集合理論為基礎的減量式替代規則擷取演算法 A Decremental Alternative Rule Extract Algorithm Based on the Rough Set Theory 黃俊哲 Chun-Che Huang
12 鄭仁達 一個關於離散 Cyber Swarm Algorithms 之實作與研究 A study for the implementation of discrete cyber swarm algorithms 尹邦嚴 Yin, Pengyeng
13 楊博任 網路創業之探討─以一數位內容雜誌網站個案為例 New venture creation in cyberspace- A case of an online magazine company 陳小芬 Chen, Hsiaofen
14 張玲雯 探討網路購物環境下之顧客取向構面 Investigating The Customer Orientation Construct In Online Shopping Contexts 陳小芬 Hsiao-Fen Chen
15 翁若茵 以約略集合為基礎建構的企業記憶與其生態旅遊應用 A Rough Set Based on Corporate Memory Construction and the Application in Ecotourism 黃俊哲 Huang, ChunChe
16 林致婕 利用支援向量機擷取規則於 男性青少年行為偏差之分析 Rule Extraction from Support Vector Machines on Deviant Behaviors of Male Adolescents 白炳豐 Ping-Feng Pai
17 俞博文 基於地圖分割實作可延展性的負載平衡伺服器叢集於大型多人線上遊戲 A Scalable Cluster with Load Balancing Based on Map Partition for Massively Multiplayer Online Games 姜美玲 Mei-Ling Chiang
18 湯佳穎 服務科學中基於增量約略集的屬性選擇方法 Incremental Rough Set Based Approach to Feature Selection in Service Science 黃俊哲 Chun-Che Huang
19 沈怡君 以約略集合為基礎的多元結果增量式規則擷取法與其旅遊應用 An Incremental Rough Set Based Rule Extract Approach to Multiple Outcomes and the Application in Tourism 黃俊哲 Huang, ChunChe
20 張閔富 檢驗產業群聚的外溢效果: 關係鏈結的觀點 Examine the spillovers of Industry cluster: the perspective of relational linkage 洪嘉良 Hung, Chialiang
21 葉瀚文 子公司的組織變革— 以脈絡論分析埔里酒廠的組織變革 An organizational change of a subunit-A contextual analysis of the organizational change of Puli Brewery 陳小芬 Chen, Hsiaofen
22 鄭維諄 具隱私性保護的次線性RFID認證機制 Privacy-Preserving RFID Authentication in Sub-Linear Time 陳彥錚 Yen-Cheng Chen
23 劉晏辰 以OpenID解決EPCIS的跨領域認證及授權 Cross Domain Integrated Authentication / Authorization of EPC Information Service using Extended OpenID 簡宏宇 Chien, Hungyu
24 彭亞翔 在雲端運算上以SNMP為基礎的虛擬機器監測機制 SNMP-Based Monitoring of Virtual Infrastructure in Cloud Computing 陳彥錚 Yen-Cheng Chen
25 王欣逸 建構以精熟學習理論為基礎之智慧型測驗系統 Development of An Intelligent Testing System Based on the Mastery-Learning Theory 王育民 Wang, Yu-Min
26 楊宏傑 電子商務網站神明圖像對消費者信任之影響 The Influence of Buddhistic Image on Consumer Trust in EC Website 戴榮賦 Rong-Fuh Day
27 李南光 在無線區域網路上以SNMP為基礎的 VoIP允入控制之研究 SNMP-Based Admission Control for VoIP over Wireless LANs 陳彥錚
28 郭珮榕 認知反思對時間偏好與風險偏好之影響- 以台灣學生為例 The impact of cognitive reflection on time preferences and risk preferences using the Taiwan student as sample 戴榮賦 Day, RongFuh
29 楊明宗 認知需求與一致性/非一致性語言對數學文字題解題表現的影響 The influence of need for cognition and consistent vs. inconsistent language on the performance of arithmetic word problems 戴榮賦 Day, RongFuh
30 白琇雯 考量交易成本之模糊選擇權投資組合 Fuzzy option portfolio with transaction cost 余菁蓉 Yu,JingRun
31 卓萱育 SNMP安全機制之改進 A Study of Enhancement on SNMP Security 陳彥錚 Chen, Yencheng
32 李昱璋 考量資訊負荷之適性化自我學習工具:基於Web之概念圖設計 An Adaptive Web-based Concept Map Self-learning Tool Considering the Influence of Information Load 王育民 Wang, Yumin
33 力婉婷 應用模組化平台策略於網路創新服務: 以KKBOX為例 Applying the modular platform in developing Internet innovative services: a case of KKBOX 洪嘉良 Hung,Chialiang
34 鍾維時 兩階段有向無環圖相關向量機於多類信用評等之應用 Application of Two Phases Model Based on Directed Acyclic Graph Relevance Vector Machine for Multi-Class Credit Rating Problems 白炳豐 Ping-Feng Pai
35 蕭詠翰 EM最佳化結合多閥值階層集合模型於腦部影像切割之應用 Optimized EM with Multi-Threshold Level Set Model approach for MRI Image Segmentation of Brain 白炳豐 Ping-Feng Pai
36 王泰元 利用GRASP解決風力發電場最佳風機配置問題 A GRASP Algorithm for Optimal Wind Turbine Placement in Wind Farms 尹邦嚴 Yin, Peng-Yen
37 王郁騏 眼動資料之壓縮與分群 Reduction and Clustering of Eye-movement Data 尹邦嚴
38 陳聖元 基於可約性、可重複使用性與可回收性設計所發展之企業記憶 Development of Corporate Memory for Design for Reducibility, Reusability and Recyclability 黃俊哲 Huang, Chunche
39 蕭俊良 以消費者知覺對應為基礎之線上旅行社市場定位分析 Market Positioning Analysis of Online Travel Agencies Based on Consumers' Perceptual Mapping 王育民 Wang, Yumin
40 何憶伶 網路標錯價的顧客關係管理策略 The CRM strategy of service recovery for online mispriced products 洪嘉良 Hung,Chialiang
41 許凱傑 設計與實作以RFID為基礎的防偽系統 – 以Mifare 1 S50、ISO 15693、Class 1 Gen2實作 Design and Implementation of RFID-based Anti-Counterfeiting Systems – Using Mifare 1 S50、ISO 15693、Class 1 Gen2 簡宏宇 Hung-Yu Chien
42 呂宗霖 改善WSN 環境下動態更新的效率的研究與實作 Research on Improving the Efficiency of Dynamic Update in WSN Platform 姜美玲
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