A Novel Approach to Vendor Determination in Supply Chain Management




A new relevance feedback technique for Content-based image Retrieval




Rough Set Theory in Electricity Load Forecasting




An U-learning Procedure Acquisition Method-Single-Crystal X-ray Structure Determination




A New Relevance Feedback Technique for Image Retrieval Based on Spatial Relationships




The effect of institutional control on transaction behavior in online auction: An investigation from the views of trust and risk




An empirical study on predicting consumer intention to use the contactless credit card in a mirco-payment environment

錢О琳 施穎偉 網路拍賣環境之社會控制機制 The soical control in online auction
蔡О珊 黃國禎 分析學生線上解決問題能力之電腦化輔助模式 A Computer-Assisted Approach to Analyzing Students' Problem-Solving Ability on the Internet
魏О茹 白炳豐 資料前處理對於支援向量機之影響-以期貨預測為例 The Influence of Data Preprocess on Support Vector Machines - Applications to Futures Forecasting
林О傑 王育民 影響接受自然人憑證意願之因素研究 Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Citizen Digital Certificate
嚴О男 尹邦嚴 使用粒子群最佳化產生多目標平行試卷組題 Multiobjective parallel test sheet generation using particle swarm  optimization.
廖О志 陳彥錚 利用拓撲資訊改善點對點系統效能之研究 Improving Performance of P2P Systems based on  Topology Awareness
卓О茵 余菁蓉 二元模糊目標規劃與隨機目標規劃應用於多準則投資組合上 The method of Binary fuzzy goal programming and Stochastic goal programming in Multicriteria portfolioselection lioselection
林О緯 陳彥錚 網路付費系統效能進之研究 A Study of Performance Improvement of Internet Payment Systems
施О桓 王育民 概念圖與認知型態對數位學習成效影響之研究 A study for assessing the effect of the concept map and cognitive styles on e-learning performance
蘇О暐 白炳豐 結合特徵擷取與分類技術於信用評分與過濾垃圾郵件之應用 Using feature selection and classification approaches in credit score and  spam filtering
黃О學 余菁蓉 使用約略集合理論在銀行信用評等的研究 A study of bank credit rating systems using rough set theory
賴О邦 王育民 資訊科技產業公司財務危機預警模式之建構 Building A Prediction Model for Business Financial Distress in Information Technology Industry
林О禾 游子宜 應用高效率隨機規劃演算法於多期動態資產配置最佳化的研究 The Study of Applying High Efficient SP to Multi-term Dynamic Asset Allocation
蘇О平 尹邦嚴 利用粒子群演算法最佳化多重符號鍵盤配置 Ambiguous Keyboard Arrangement Optimization Using a Particle Swarm Algorithm
謝О雅 洪嘉良 文化構面對行動商務的採用影響 Impact of Cultral Dimersions on Adoption of Mobile Commerce
許О昇 黃國禎 以多知識階層概念影響關係為基礎之學習導引系統 Development of a Student Learning Guidance System based on Concept Effect  Relationships with Multi =-Knowledge Levels
鄭О隆 姜美玲 快閃記憶體檔案系統之有效率的Garbage Collection的設計與實作 Design and Implementation of An Efficient Garbage Collection for Flash File Systems
林О昱 黃國禎 滿足多目標之平行組卷演算法之研究 A study on Parallel Test Sheet Composition Algorithm for Multiple Assessment Requirements
林О楠 游子宜 應用高效率飛鳥演算法於多期動態資產配置最佳化的研究 The Study of Applying High Efficient PSO to Multi-term Dynamic Asset Allocation
陳О良 李家同 鑽石圖上回饋問題之研究 On the Study of Feedback Problems in Diamond
羅О瑜 余菁蓉 用距離關係系譜樹從genotypes推導haplotypes Haplotype Inference by the Distance-Based Phylogeny
施О叁 陳彥錚 具私密性與效率性的隨機分類RFID認證協定 Efficient Randomized Classing RFID Authentication Protocols with  Privacy Protection
柳О旻 尹邦嚴 使用調變式相關回饋技術之內容導向式影像讀取 Adaptive relevance feedback techniques for content-based image retrieval
陳О郁 白炳豐 結合約略集合論與支援向量機於外匯漲跌幅預測之應用 Applications of rough set theory and support vector machines in foreign exchange forecasting
李О駿 王育民 網路教材建構新方法:結合概念圖與框架導覽技術 A new method for designing web-based instruction material: Combining the concept map and navigation map
李О瑋 余菁蓉 利用二次規劃法中逐段迴歸模型偵測模糊投入與產出資料之自動改變點 Piecewise Regression model for Fuzzy Input-Output Data with the Automatic Change-Point Detection by Quadratic Programming
林О君 黃俊哲 基於粗糙集的供應鍊模式 Rough set-based appraoch to suppply chain modeling
廖О傑 黃國禎 智慧型線上合作學習平台之規劃與建置 Development of an Intelligent Cooperative Learning System on the Internet
張О瑋 陳彥錚 多基線分析之網路蠕蟲偵測 Internet Worm Detection based on Multi-Baseline Analysis
鄭О文 游子宜 應用高效率螞蟻演算法於多期動態資產配置最佳化的研究 The Study of Applying High Efficient ACO to Multi-term Dynamic Asset Allocation
溫О憲 俞旭昇 以模型骨架LOD為基礎的模型原型建構手法 A prototype construction method based on the perceptual LOD with skeleton structure
范О寧 黃俊哲 以增量式約略集何為基礎的規則歸納法 An incremental rough set based rule induction
黃О慈 白炳豐 田口實驗設計於特徵擷取與參數搜尋之應用 Taguchi method in feature selection and parameter determination
楊О盛 陳小芬 領導者行為對IT導入的影響-以SFA系統為例 The Influence of Leader's Behavior on IT Implement - A Case Study of SFA System


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