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【資管系1102學期線上演講】主題:審計供應鏈之需求管理 (講者:楊曙榮)

資訊管理學系將於 2022.05.27 (五) 辦理專題演講,已改為線上演講,歡迎您屆時上線參與,感謝!相關資訊如下:

演講者:台灣大學楊曙榮系主任  工商管理學系暨商學研究所
演講時間:2022/5/27(五) 14:10-16:00

We consider a two-tier professional-service supply chain, comprising professional-service suppliers and buyers. In such supply chain, a professional-service supplier manipulates its demand management (such as pricing rules and capacity control) to customize service quality for meeting different buyers’ demand. We use the audit market as the industry context to examine how a professional-service supplier chain exercises demand management in practice. Besides being consistent with well-received auditing wisdom that professional-service suppliers should lower fee charges as the main means of demand management, we show that effective demand management practice in professional service must consider buyer heterogeneity in the presence of supplier competition. We find, instead of lowering the service charge, a reputable buyer is willing to pay a higher fee to leading suppliers for getting better service quality. A professional-service supplier’s demand management decision must take consideration of not only the buyer heterogeneity but also the supplier heterogeneity. Different from undifferentiated services (e.g., hotel, airline, car rental), our study recognizes the uniqueness of professional service operations and therefore contributes to service operations fields.