National Chi Nan University School of Management, Information Management Department
Full-Time Faculty Recruitment Announcement

A Tranquil Environment with Convenient Transportation
National Chi Nan University is located in Puli Township, Nantou County, the geographic center of Taiwan. It is the only national university in Nantou County. The university is adjacent to one of Taiwan’s most attractive tourist locations, Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area. Surrounded by mountains, the university has a quiet and pleasant atmosphere; the spacious campus and eye-catching views make the school itself a scenic area. There are single-room and family-oriented dormitories available for faculty. There is also a first-rated sport and health center, including a gym with extensive fitness facilities, a competition-sized heated swimming pool, and a high-end SPA facility. For the dining options, the university has multiple restaurants and convenience stores. Puli township is only a ten-minute bus ride from campus, making daily living essentials easy and convenient. Living on campus is like dwelling in a beautiful and secluded setting,allowing people to concentrate on advanced studies and fully stimulating research inspiration. All in all, it forms a perfect balance for physical and mental well-being.

Travel from Taichung High Speed Railway Station to National Chi Nan University by bus takes only 40 minutes. Several round-trip passenger trips are scheduled daily, and there’s even a trip scheduled to arrive at the campus at 8:30 a.m., ideal for faculty, staff and students to commute.

Department Features
  1. The Information Management Department has 13 full-time teachers with doctoral degrees from home and abroad. Their expertise is evenly distributed among three domains: Information Management, Information Science & Engineering, and Management. Department faculty are responsible, devoted and concentrate on their expertise, and they have accumulated abundant academic industrial experience over the years. They have formed a harmonious and studious atmosphere for outstanding partnership potential for developing one’s academic goals and industrial experience.
  2. The department is affiliated to the School of Management, with curriculum focused on two sub-fields: “Information Management & Decision Science” and “Information Technology & System Development.” The department aims to cultivate students with cross-domain π-type talents and equip them with the abilities of theory acquisition, technology application and evidence demonstration. Secondly, we guide our students to develop global views and local perspectives.
  3. The department fully respects teacher expertise. In addition to mandatory courses, teachers have the autonomy to open classes which optimize their own expertise and enrich their students’ learning experience.
  4. Students and faculty form close bonds. During the duration of their studies, students follow teacher guidance to do research, often resulting in quality job offers and maintaining deep friendships post-graduation. The department has been rated as “excellent” according to survey data from the Taiwan Ministry of Education, showing a 90% employment rate for undergraduate alumni after 5 years of acquiring their degree, with salaries 28.2% higher than the national average.
  5. Many teachers in the department have won Excellent Mentor awards. They are devoted to nurturing their students both academically and intellectually. Positive mutual relationships exist between the teachers and students in all areas of interaction.
  6. Additional information about the department can be found at
Faculty Resource Support
  1. Each teacher has a personal study room between 107 – 178 square feet.
  2. Teachers set up their laboratories based on their own expertise, and provide guidance to undergraduate and graduate students on fully utilizing the laboratories.
  3. The average teaching times are about ten to eleven credits hours per semester for each teacher (including lecturing, instructing students, carrying out administrative duties, executing research plans, etc.). Each individual teacher is responsible for recruiting 19 graduate students annually, and participating in ten theme-based seminars per school year. All faculty members will share responsibilities in supervising graduate and undergraduate students. The department provides a balance between teaching tasks and research development.
  4. Department faculty form their own teaching and research support groups in order to exchange various beneficial experiences. There are also many cross-domain supporting groups for teachers on campus. The university is dedicated to giving teachers ample opportunities to exchange their expertise.
  5. The department fully supports teachers’ multi-professional development. The university     has set up various promotion channels and relevant incentives to encourage faculty advancement in both teaching and researching performance. Three of our outstanding faculty members were listed in The World’s Top 2% of Scientists in the 2020 Stanford University Scopus Paper Impact Analysis. Many teachers also play invaluable roles in various academic and educational activities, including acting as the convener for Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology, the co-host of the University Social Responsibility Program of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, and editorial board members of important journals in Taiwan and abroad.
Recruitment Details
  1. Position Type: one opening for applicants at the rank of Assistant Professor or above.
  2. Effective Date: February 1st, 2023
  3. Qualifications:

(1) Applicants’ research field should be primarily focused in Information Technology; related expertise should include AI, network information, metaverse research,
     programming, information security, IoT, etc.
(2) Applicants should be able to open 2 EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) courses per semester.
(3) Applicants should be able to create and offer online courses in accordance with university policy.
(4) Applicants should possess a solid foundation in hands-on technological ability and able to lead students in practical projects.
(5) Applicants should be able to campaign for the department, recruit students and undertake administrative responsibilities.
(6) Applicants should possess a doctoral degree by January 31st, 2023.

  1. Application Materials Required

(1) PhD thesis
(2) CV and bibliography
(3) Autobiography
(4) Copy of academic experience certificates or diplomas
(5) Three syllabuses that can be provided by the applicants and samples of online courses for the Teacher Review Committee to evaluate
(6) Other documents that might assist in the evaluation process.
Applicants for Assistant Professor ranking should attach all the documents listed above, and applicants for Associate Professor ranking should attach documents (2) to (6) listed above.

  1. Instructions to Applicants
    All application materials should be sent by registered mail to the following address:
        No. 470, Daxue Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545301, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
        School of Management, Room 439 – Ms. Wang Tzu-Chun
    Applicants should clearly mark “Application for Full-time Faculty Position” on the front of the envelope. All materials sent will not be returned, regardless of whether applicants pass the preliminary review. If applicants need materials returned, please attach a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  1. Contact Email: (Ms.Wang)
    Please note that this email is for general purposes, not for applications.
  1. Application deadline: August 31st, 2022
    The deadline for application materials will be determined by postal marks. Materials will be reviewed by the department at the time of receipt.

1. The appointment of a teacher in the university shall be reviewed and approved by three different levels of teacher evaluation committees and finalized by the
    university president.
2. Newly recruited faculty members should abide by the following rules: Full-Time Faculty Evaluation Regulations, Guidelines for Employment of Full-Time Faculty
    and Contract Regulations for Full-Time Faculty.
3. National Chi Nan University has established the principle of competitive staff dormitory accommodations.  Please visit the Personnel Department website for
    additional details.

Detailed Remarks

1. The job posting is a Full-time faculty position. The newly-recruited faculty member must pass the first promotion within eight years (inclusive) upon the arrival
    date; failure to meet this requirement will result in non-renewal of the instructor’s contract.
2. Estimated annual salary (US dollars)
      Professor: $47,847 – $55,808
      Associate Professor: $38,531 – $47,54
      Assistant Professor: $33,811 – $43,154
3. The average living cost in Puli, Nantou County begins at $425 US dollars per month, based on 2021 survey data.
4. Rental expenses for campus housing (US dollars)
      Family-oriented dormitory: $113 – $208 per month (Maximum rental period: 15 years)
      Single-room dormitory: $96 per month (Maximum rental period: 10 years)
5. Act Governing Retirement, Severance, and Bereavement Compensation for the Teaching and Other Staff  Members of Public Schools
6. National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare
7. Workforce Development Agency,Ministry of Labor – Working Expats in Taiwan
8. Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency Republic of China (Taiwan)